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Andercol took part in project that will bring potable water to over 23,000 people

It is the construction site of a tank for the water treatment plant, which will bring potable water to over 23,000 people in San Juan de Urabá. This is a unique work of engineering in Colombia and Latin America, developed and adapted locally with accompanying calculations, design and materials of technical and commercial team of Andercol Composites line.

The mega project required the development of a special raw material for the manufacture of a piece like this. The technology that was produced with is called Filament Winding, which is produced from a continuous advancement mandrel of rotation, but made vertically in field, this technology is the same as that used for manufacturing O-tek pipes, another company in the Orbis Group.

The solution is an important step to bring clean water to towns where it has been impossible so far to build a water treatment plant for its difficult access, these tanks can measure up to 8 meters high by 20 wide and could store up 2.5 million liters of water, for this reason the aqueduct has the ability to supply two municipalities the size of San Juan de Uraba.

The people of this town no longer have to carry more drinking water on donkeys, now have a cutting-edge solution provided by Colombian engineering and supported by Andercol, a company of the Orbis Group.

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