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Neolith P4400T

construccion-infraestructura-quimicos-adhesivos-mamposteriaSolution / Market

Construction and infrastructure

Construction chemicals

Application / Segment


Masonry / Ceramics / Nozzles


Re-dispersible polymer


Modifier of mixtures containing hydraulic binders, especially for the formulation of adhesive ceramic mortars or glue type mortars for tiles (class C1 and C2 according to guideline EN 12004).

Benefits and characteristics

Its special chemical composition permits the formulation of low temperature films, increases open time and promotes adherence over cement and concrete based substrates, confers good manageability to mixtures.


 NatureStabilizing systemDensity (g/L)Tg (°C)MFFT (°C)
Neolith P4400T Vinyl eova PVOH 500 22 6



Tags: Re-dispersible polymer

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