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Texilan 562

construccion-infraestructura-quimicos-impermeabilizantesSolution / Market

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction chemicals

Application / Segment



Acrylic-styrenated emulsion


Flexible binder for the formulation of high quality and durability elastomeric coatings.

Benefits and characteristics

Confers extremely high flexibility to the system as well as low water absobption and a superior alkali resistance. Provides excellent adherence on different substrates. Free of plasticizers, APEO free.


 Solids (%)Brookfield Viscosity 25°C (cP)PhAverage size of particle*, umMFFT (°C)
Texilan 562 59 - 61 100 - 500 5.5 - 6.5 0.5 < 0

Tags: Acrylic-styrenated emulsion

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