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Texilan 1672

construccion-infraestructura-quimicos-modificadoresSolution / Market

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction Chemicals

Application / Segment

Mortar / Concrete Modifiers


Acrylic-styrenated emulsion


Modifier, plasticizer and adherent for hydraulic binders (mortars and concretes). Formulation of high performance pre-dosed mortars, used as auto-leveling and superior properties mortars. Formulation of waterproofing mortars.

Benefits and characteristics

Presents outstanding compatibility with cement. Permits the reduction of water in the mixture; therefore improves consistency, flexibility and mechanical properties of mortars and concretes. Cement mixtures show outstanding manageability and low foam formation. Plasticizer free emulsion with excellent water resistance.


 Solids (%)Brookfield Viscosity 25°C (cP)PhAverage size of particle*, umMFFT (°C)
Texilan 1672 49 - 51 1200 - 2200 7.0 - 8.5  0.1  20 - 22

Tags: Acrylic-styrenated emulsion

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