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Alquidan 241C

pinturas-decorativas-interiores-metalSolution / Market

Paint & Coatings

Decorative paints

Application / Segment

Metal and wood


Alkyd resin


Long alkyd resin of low viscosity, for the manufacturing of mills and grinders and the preparation pigment concentrates and as binder for enamels, varnishes and anticorrosive coats in general.

Benefits and Features

Excellent vehicle for the dispersion of pigments, outstanding gloss and color retention properties. Suitable to formulate high solid content and high performance enamels.


 TypeOil length (%)Solvent TypeSolids (%)Gardner Viscosity 25°C
Alquidan 241C Long 61 Low odor Varsol 69 - 71 Z2 - Z4



Tags: Alkyd resin

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