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Andercol announces price increases in the polymers business

Medellín, Colombia

January 17, 2017

ANDERCOL S.A announced today a price increase for all products invoiced on or after February 1, 2017. This price increase will be on short-oil alkyd resins by 0.06 USD/kg, medium-oil alkyd resins by 0.05 USD/kg, long-oil alkyd resins by 0.03 USD/kg, polyols by 0.1 USD/kg and thermoplastic acrylics by 0.11 USD/kg.

The pricing action is primarily driven by the increase in costs of key raw materials of the manufacturing process of these products. ANDERCOL´s team keeps its commitment with a reliable supply and the support that add value for customers.

For more information on ANDERCOL’s polymer business, visit our website www.andercol.com.co