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The trends and requirements of the construction market are directed towards the design of materials with better performance and lower environmental impact, guiding the industry towards sustainable building. Therefore, the role of additives and chemicals for construction has become a vital part of the chain, given its important contribution to the functionality of the materials especially in:

  • Efficiency: Make construction more economic
  • Resistance: Improve the functionality and stability of traditional materials
  • Safety: safer structures that improve the quality of life of its occupants
  • Protection: To increase the durability of buildings
  • Conserve energy: functional constructions that protect the environment

In our Construction Chemicals unit, we offer raw materials and additives that improve the performance of building materials in different applications such as modification of mortar and concrete, coatings and prefinishes manufacturing, waterproofing, adhesion promoters, sealers, fillers, etc...

We offer solutions as acrylic emulsions, styrene-acrylic, vinyl, vinyl acrylics, vinyl-acrylics, Vinil-Veova and redispersible polymer powders that enable optimal functionality for various applications in the segment.

Similarly, we have a portfolio of products for the manufacture of composite materials applied in various industry segments and products for construction and infrastructure, such as electrical systems, tanks, pipes, polymer flooring, electrical and functional posts, tiles, panels, toilets and bathtubs, sinks, synthetic marble and solid surfaces.

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