Emuvinil 3504


Solution / Market

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction Chemicals

Application / Segment

Waterproof coatings


Vinyl-Veova emulsion


Flexible elastomeric coatings with a single emulsion for the formulation of high durability products. Waterproofing systems for roofs, terraces and "CoolRoofs".

Benefits and Features

It provides high flexibility with good tensile strength, using a single emulsion formulation. Its features give the system outstanding resistance to weather conditions, maintaining the functional properties of the system. Its chemical nature gives excellent resistance to water and alkali.


 Solids (%)Viscosity Brookfield 25°C (cP)PhAverage particle size*, umMFFT (°C)
Emuvinil 3504 54.5 - 55.5 < 300 4.2 - 5.5 0.5 8- 10