Neolith P8800

construccion-infraestructura-quimicos-adhesivos-mamposteriaSolution / Market

Construction and infrastructure

Construction chemicals

Application / Segment

Adhesives Masonry / Ceramics / Nozzles


Re-dispersible polymer


Highly impermeable mortars, mortars for thermal insulation (EIFS/ETICS) and reparation and joints mortars.

Benefits and characteristics

Its benefits as hydraulic binder modifier are outstanding when high hydrophobicity is required. Its chemical modification improves adhesion and open time. Its outstanding water resistance permits its deification in low quantities with economic benefits to the system.


 NatureStabilizing systemDensity (g/L)Tg (°C)MFFT (°C)
Neolith P8800 Acrylic vinyl veova PVOH 460 0 0



Tags: Re-dispersible polymer