Texilan 553

construccion-infraestructura-quimicos-adhesivos-estucos-2Solution / Market

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction chemicals

Application / Segment

Stucco / Putty / Joint Compounds


Acrylic-styrenated emulsion


Fabrication of plastic stuccos, pastes, outdoor and indoor use plasters, primers, fill and finish putties for light construction. Indoor and Outdoor use.

Benefits and characteristics

Outstanding water and alkali resistance. Provides high compatibility with highly loaded systems, providing excellent application and manageability properties.


 Solids (%)Brookfield Viscosity 25°C (cP)PhAverage size of particle*, umMFFT (°C)
Texilan 553 49 - 51 3500 - 7500 7.5 - 9.0 0.1 4 - 6



Tags: Acrylic-styrenated emulsion