Texilan 564

construccion-infraestructura-quimicos-modificadoresSolution / Market

Construction and Infrastructure

Construction chemicals

Application / Segment

Mortar / Concrete Modifiers


Acrylic emulsion


Modifier, plasticizer and adherent for hydraulic binders (mortars and concretes). Formulation of high performance pre-dosed mortars, used as auto-leveling and superior properties mortars. Formulation of waterproofing

Benefits and characteristics

Imparts an adequate consistency to mortars allowing the reduction of water content and improving the systems properties. Improves the properties of special mortars.


 Solids (%)Brookfield Viscosity 25°C (cP)PhAverage size of particle*, umMFFT (°C)
Texilan 564 46 - 48 10 - 100 9.0 - 10.0  0.1  6 - 8

Tags: Acrylic Emulsion