CWS fumaric acid

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Powder drinks


Fumaric acid


Used as acidifier, pH regulator, effervescent and masking in powder drinks.

Benefits and Features

  • The CWS (cold water soluble) presentation is best suited for use in powdered drinks as its fine particle size ensures good mixing of the ingredients, and ensures a quick solubilization of the mixture for the final preparation.
  • Prevents compaction of ingredients in the case of dry preparations, due to its low hygroscopicity that maintains unaltered the consistency of the mixture after being opened.
  • It can be used as effervescent when accompanied by carbonates in the dry mixture. In diet drinks masks metal remnants left over by some sweeteners.
  • In fruit juices, fumaric acid is used in combination with citric acid to reduce the proportion of preservatives like sorbates, propionates and benzoates due to the synergy shown by Fumaric Acid with such additives.
  • It is also used as a pH regulator due to its acid strength, allowing to reduce the total acid content in the juice.
  • Is used to preserve fruit concentrates from fungi and other microorganisms.


 Purity (%)Maleic Acid(%)Surfactant AgentAverage particle size*, umHumidity (%)
CWS fumaric acid 99,5 0.1 0.3 25-55 0.5



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