Fumaric acid HWS

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Fumaric acid


Employed to improve texture, leavening agent, pH regulator and preservative in tortillas and breads.

Benefits and Features

  • In tortilla and bread either corn or wheat flour acts as a texture improver due to its unique reducing properties, which by breaking the disulfide bridges of proteins, makes a softer dough, which improves texture and reduces the energy consumed in the kneading.
  • Also acts as blowing agent for cakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles, donuts and cookies. It may be added to chilled doughs to generate lighter products and prevent crystallization of phosphates that are included in some baking powders.
  • The fumaric acid instantly provides citrus flavoring in sour or rye breads, eliminating the need for fermentation for flavor development. For this can be added to the dry ingredient mix.
  • Confers stability to the foam prepared with egg albumin.
  • Increases the lifetime as it is synergistic with most products used in bakery as preservatives.


 Purity (%)Maleic acid (%)Active surface agentAverage particle size*, umHumidity (%)
Fumaric acid HWS 99.5 0.1 0 77-200 0.5



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