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We offer diverse products, technologies and chemistries for the formulation of many of the required coatings for the fabrication and processing of industrially produced goods.

This ample variety allows us to act in a wide range of applications such as: wood coatings. Industrial maintenance, traffic signaling and marking, and industrial processes such as coil coating, packages, baked systems, etc.

In all different segments we have alternatives that offer different characteristics and added value. Achieving the most specialized performance requirements.

  • industria-pinturas-mantenimientoAndercol has modified alkyd resins, thermoplastic and hidroxilated for the formulation of primers and finishes for light and intermediate industrial maintenance. These technologies permits the design of high durability products and the protection of industrial type metallic substrates. The systems formulated with our binders characterize for its high chemical and mechanical resistances, high corrosion resistance and outstanding adherence on metallic substrates. We offer surface cleaners and coating removers free of methylene chloride, with ingredients safe for human health and the environment.

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  • industria-pinturas-recubrimientos2

    High performance binders perfect for the formulation of ovenable coatings for industrial use, metallic architecture, lithography and packing. We have diverse chemistries such as: melamine, ureas, epoxidized esters, polyesters, etc. that allows us to obtain the required mechanical and chemical resistances, durability and adherence necessary for each application.

    The most common applications are ovenable enamels on metal, coatings for the exterior of packaging, lithographic coatings, overprint varnishes and paints for metallic parts such as: zinc, galvanized, etc.

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Adhesives / Cleaning and Personal Care / Textiles / Oil / Industrial Paints