In order to give a strategic development to the goal of sustainability, Andercol an Orbis company, made the identification and prioritization of material issues of sustainability management, established through an exercise of materiality in 2013 and ratified in 2014.

Four pillars were defined on which action plans and projects are developed for sustainability management

  1. Products for a sustainable Habitat: based on renewable chemistry
  2. Sustainable value chain: sustainable purchasing and responsible logistics
  3. Sustainable production: Operational Eco-efficiency, quality of discharges, air and waste
  4. Contribution to communities and society: management with neighboring communities and participation in the definition of public policies.

Ethical and transparent relationships:

Evolving the model of transparency, the Corporate Ethics Committee was established, it leads and manages independently matters related to the Code of Principles and Conduct which applies to all companies of the Orbis Group in all geographies in which it is present.

It has communication and reporting channels of total regional coverage where the public can reveal activities or behaviors that are detrimental to ethical guidelines *.

Moreover, technological tools were developed proactively allowing to detect anomalies in the process, and formal organizations were established to focus on the watch.

* Ethics Line available in 14 countries, email:

Colombia 018000 511 033, Brazil 0800 891 7068, Ecuador 1800 101 081, México 08000 767 9101, Venezuela 0800 100 5077.